Microlearning is just learning that fits. That’s it!

01/24/2017 JD

Microlearning seems to be THE popular topic of conversation right now. While L&D pros are debating about it and organizations are saying they want it, very few people seem to understand what “it” is. It’s also getting more and more difficult for

My #ATDTK 2017 Schedule

01/02/2017 JD

Vegas … Again … I didn’t leave the MGM for an entire week during DevLearn in November. I don’t see this visit going much different. But that’s enough about the location. Let’s talk about the good stuff that I’ll be

4 ways I would improve Twitter

12/29/2016 JD

It was a rough year for Twitter. No buyer. That whole election thing. Minimal innovation. Layoffs. I don’t know about you, but I can feel the stagnation within my personal network. I’m not going anywhere – yet. The open, simplistic nature that

6 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2017

12/29/2016 JD

I’m not going to mention 2016 or the pile of uncertainty it has created for the world moving forward. Instead, let’s take a few minutes to shift focus onto some of the fun things that will (or may) happen in 2017. Here

Reflecting on my 2016 …

12/17/2016 JD

I’ve never quite understood the need to wrap personal reflection around the holiday calendar, but why fight the trend? With 2016 coming to a close, I think we can all agree that it’s been a sucky year. Like epic levels of

Your RFP is missing the …

11/28/2016 JD

I didn’t release many RFPs during my time in enterprise L&D. I rarely had a need to play the field of learning technology. Rather, I evaluated my options, figured out what I wanted (and could afford), and went out and got it. Now that

4 dimensions of adaptive learning

11/23/2016 JD

Personalization is firmly embedded within our daily technological lives. Facebook tells you who to be friends with based on who are you already friends with. Netflix tells you what you want to watch based on what you’ve already watched and

The Power of Casual Gameplay

11/10/2016 JD

Whenever I demonstrate the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform for a new audience, someone usually asks about the casual gameplay element. “What does the game have to do with the learning?” For context, a user can choose to play a game as part

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