Past Presentations

I’ve had the privilege to share my ideas and experiences throughout my career in various forums beyond my blog, including international conferences, webinars, workshops and corporate presentations.

Here’s a sample of my past presentations with visuals via SlideShare.

I’m also available to work with your organization to support your learning and performance efforts. This could include anything from informal discussions and consultation to keynote presentations and online events. Contact me to get started!


Modern Learning Made Easy – 6 Steps to Creating a Smarter Learning Ecosystem (CLO Webinar) from JD Dillon
  • Axonify/CLO Webinar | December 2016 | Virtual (#CLOwebinar)

Go Viral! Activating Everyday Knowledge Sharing Behaviors – at Work (DevLearn 2016) from JD Dillon
  • DevLearn 2016 | Las Vegas, NV (#DevLearn)

People First! Building a Modern Learning Ecosystem (Learning 2016) from JD Dillon
  • Learning 2016 | Orlando, FL (#learning2016)

When the LMS Isn’t Enough: Building a Modern Learning Technology Ecosystem (ATD Ascend) from JD Dillon
  • ATD Ascend 2016 – Suncoast Chapter Conference | Tampa, FL (#atdascend)

Building a Smarter Learning Ecosystem (ATD Core 4 2016) from JD Dillon
  • ATD Core 4 Conference 2016 | New Orleans, LA (#atdcore4)

Keep Your People Safe by Modernizing the Way They Learn on the Job (AGC) from JD Dillon
  • 2016 AGC HR & Training Professionals Conference | Chicago, IL

Data Points: Using Behavioral Analytics to Improve Learning Outcomes (Data + Analytics Summit) from JD Dillon
  • eLearning Guild Data & Analytics Summit | September 2016 | Virtual

9 Essential Principles for Modernizing Your Learning Ecosystem (CLO Webinar) from JD Dillon
  • Axonify/CLO Webinar | August 2016 | Virtual (#ModernLearning)

Microlearning – Small Bites, Big Impact (Sunshine Expo 2016) from JD Dillon
  • Florida Retail Federation Sunshine Expo 2016 | Orlando, FL
  • ATD South Florida 2016 Innovative Learning Conference | Fort Lauderdale, FL (#ATDSFL)

Our Blockbuster Moment – Restoring Relevance by Reimagining L&D (Learning DevCamp 2016) from JD Dillon
  • Learning DevCamp 2016 Keynote | Salt Lake City, UT (#learningdevcamp2016)

Kickstart Workplace Curiosity from JD Dillon
  • Degreed Partner Webinar | June 2016 | Virtual (#Curious2Learn)

Escape Extinction! 4 Ideas for Restoring Relevance to L&D (#ATD2016) from JD Dillon
  • 2016 ATD International Conference & Expo | Denver, CO (#ATD2016)

Microlearning for Sales + Safety at Bloomingdale's (Best of DemoFest – LSCon 2016) from JD Dillon
  • Best of LS DemoFest 2016 | Best Alternative Solution | Virtual (#LSCon)

Diagnosing the Health of Your Learning Ecosystem from JD Dillon
  • ATD Forum vSession | March 2016 | Virtual (#learnECO)

Just Because You CAN Make a Video Doesn't Mean You SHOULD (#FocusOnLearn) from JD Dillon
  • iSpring Partner Webinar | December 2016 | Online
  • FocusOn Learning 2016 | Austin, TX (#FocusOnLearn)
  • Learning Solutions 2016 | Orlando, FL (#LSCon)

Learning: The Foundation of a Strong Workplace Culture (Ecosystem 2016) from JD Dillon
  • Ecosystem 2016 | Orlando, FL (#EcoCon)

We Don’t Own Social in the Workplace … and We Never Will … (eLearning Guild Online Forum – November 2015) from JD Dillon
  • Collaborative, Social, and Informal Learning: Where Do Learning Professionals Fit? – eLearning Guild Online Forum, November 2015
  • DevLearn 2015 | Las Vegas, NV (#DevLearn)

A Practical Approach for Supporting the Modern Learner (CLO Magazine Webinar – August 2015) from JD Dillon
  • Chief Learning Officer Webinar (in partnership with Axonify), August 2015 (#ModernLearner)

Transform Users into Contributors (AGC 2016) from JD Dillon
  • 2016 AGC HR & Training Professionals Conference | Chicago, IL
  • Center for Information–Development Management (CIDM) Online Conference | Virtual (#CIDMOnline)
  • 2015 ATD International Conference & Expo | Orlando, FL (#ATD2015)
  • Learning Solutions 2015 | Orlando, FL (#LSCon)
  • DevLearn 2014 | Las Vegas, NV (#DevLearn)

I HATE CONFERENCE CALLS! Redefining Virtual Collaboration from JD Dillon
  • Central Florida ATD Chapter Webinar, March 2015 (#ATDCFL)
  • Essential Skills and Expertise for Learning Professionals Online Forum – eLearning Guild, December 2014

Reworking the Puzzle – How to Build a Smarter Learning & Performance Ecosystem (ATDTK 2016) from JD Dillon
  • ATD TechKnowledge 2016 | Las Vegas, NV (#ATDTK)
  • DevLearn 2015 | Las Vegas, NV (#DevLearn)
  • Learning & Performance Ecosystem 2015 | Orlando, FL (#EcoCon)

Breaking Down Silos (Training 2015) from JD Dillon
  • Training 2015 Conference & Expo | Atlanta, GA (#TrainingMag)
  • ATD TechKnowledge 2015 | Las Vegas, NV (#ATDTK15)
  • Learning Solutions 2014 | Orlando, Fl

Breaking Down Silos – 5 Practical Applications for Social Tools in the Modern Workplace (Learn Camp 2014) from JD Dillon
  • Learn Camp 2014 Webinar (#learncamp)

When the LMS Isn’t Enough – Building a Learning Ecosystem for Today’s Knowledge Worker from JD Dillon
  • Axonify Partner Webinar, September 2014 (#beyondlms)

  • Community and the New Social Workplace
    • Event: Learning Solutions 2015 | Orlando, FL (#LSCon)
    • Panel discussion alongside Jane Bozarth, Julian Stodd, & Mark Britz
  • Building Community TKChat Panel
    • Event: ATD TechKnowledge 2015 | Las Vegas, NV (#ATDTK15)
  • Successes and Challenges in Building a Learning Ecosystem
    • Event: Ecosystem 2014 | Orlando, Fl
    • Panel discussion alongside Bob Mosher, Mark Britz, and Marc Rosenberg
  • My Top 10 Mobile Apps for Learning
    • Event: ATD Central Florida Chapter Event, April 2013 | Orlando, FL
  • The Innovation Worker: A Commitment to Organizational Creativity
    • Event: Intrepid Learning Partner Webinar, September 2012